General League Setup
Commissioner Email Address:Send Email To Commish
Commissioner Username(s):
Total Number of Divisions:4
Number of Conferences:2
Number of Franchises:20
Number of Roster Spots:14
Number of Taxi Squad Spots:1
Head-To-Head Matchups:Yes
Each Player can be on:1 rosters per Conference
Track Player Salaries and/or Contracts:No
At the start of the season, rosters are determined by:On-line, live draft that happens all at once, taking a matter of hours to complete.
Abilities Setup
Franchise Abilities:Submit lineups
 Perform Add/Drops
 Drop players without Adding
 Propose / accept trades
 Make Taxi Squad moves
 Post to message board
 Post to league chat and trash-talk videos
 Create league polls
 Customize franchise
 Customize home page
 Participate in NFL pool
Commissioner Lockout:No, the commissioner still has the ability to view pending owner-initiated transactions.
Standings Setup
Standings Sort Criteria #1: Overall Winning Percentage
Standings Sort Criteria #2: Head-To-Head Record
Standings Sort Criteria #3: Divisional Winning Percentage
Standings Sort Criteria #4: Conference Winning Percentage
Standings Sort Criteria #5: Total Points Scored
Standings Sort Criteria #6: Power Rank
Division/Conference Setup
Conferences/Divisions: Lite - Lager, Lite - Stout, Ice - Pilsner, Ice - Ale
Accounting Setup
League Entry Fee:$40.00
General Scoring Setup
Calculate Fantasy Results From:Week 1 through Week 17
Number of Decimal Places For League Scoring:0
Ties Are:Counted as ties
Starting Lineup Setup
Total Starters:8
Number of Starting QBs:1
Number of Starting RBs:1-2
Number of Starting WR+TEs:3-4
Number of Starting PKs:1
Number of Starting Defs:1
Lineup Submission Deadline:Players Are Locked At Kickoff Of Their Game
Are Partial Lineups Allowed?SYSTEM
Hide starting lineups from all owners until:Never hide starters.
Should owners be allowed to submit players on bye as starters?Yes
Roster Position Limits Setup
Number Of QB on Roster:1-3
Number Of RB on Roster:1-3
Number Of WR+TE on Roster:1-6
Number Of PK on Roster:1-3
Number Of Def on Roster:1-3
Keepers Setup
Minimum number of players an owner can keep:0
Maximum number of players an owner can keep:2
Other League Settings
Display NFL Player Injury Status?Yes
Display Top Performers/Player Stats Report?Yes
Display Rosters Report?Yes
Display NFL Opponent's Passing/Rushing Rank On Submit Lineup Page?Yes
Display NFL Bye Weeks/NFL Schedule?Yes
Display NFL News Articles?Yes
Display NFL Free Agents on Fantasy Free Agent Lists?No
Display NFL Rookies With (R) Next To Name?Yes
Time Zone:ET
Display "Drafted" Column on Rosters Report?No
Are league reports private (Not accessible to guests)?No
Is league home page private (Not accessible to guests)?No
Draft Setup
Draft Pick Time Limit Turned: Off
Add/Drop and Waivers Setup
Add/Drop System:Always Via Waiver Requests
Waiver Wire Sort Criteria #1: Overall Winning Percentage
Waiver Wire Sort Criteria #2: Head-To-Head Record
Waiver Wire Sort Criteria #3: Total Points Scored
Waiver Wire Sort Criteria #4: Conference Winning Percentage
Waiver Wire Sort Criteria #5: Divisional Winning Percentage
Waiver Wire Sort Criteria #6: Reverse Order Of Opponent Total Points Scored
Waiver Wire Sort Criteria #7: Power Rank
Waiver Wire Sort Criteria #8: Victory Points
Waiver Wire Sort Criteria #9: Last Week's Point Total
Current Waiver Order:
1Beasts of Bourbon
3Milwaukee's Best
4Mud Sweat & Beers
5Aviator Red Buds
6Delirium Tremens
7Pale Ale Pudwhackers
8Brown Bottle Beers
9Tiki Rum Runners
1Can I See Your ID
2Tim's Buds
3Whiskey Dicks
4Long Island Lushes
5Florida Moonshiners
6Head Hunters
8Bek's Bombers
9Porcelain Thrones
10One More for the Road
Waivers Processed Automatically:Yes
Waiver Calendar:
Event TitleInitial Date/TimeRepeat
Process Waivers Mon Sep 9 2019 1:00 a.m. ET 13
No Add/Drops Allowed Mon Jan 6 2020 1:00 p.m. ET  
Maximum Number of Waiver Rounds:2
Dropped Players are Locked Until:Players are not locked when dropped. They can be immediately picked up (subject to league's waiver rules)
Limit Owners To Adding:2 players per waiver week via add/drop transactions.
For purposes of the above weekly transaction limits, a week starts at:Sun 1 PM ET
Prevent Owners From Making ANY Add/Drops Between Kickoff of that player's game and the end of the last game of the week?Yes
Trades Setup
When An Owner Accepts A Trade: The trade requires approval from the commissioner.
Display Trade Comments To All Owners?Yes
Allow Trades That Would Create Invalid Rosters To Go Through?Yes
When A Trade Causes An Invalid Roster, Allow Owner To Submit Lineup?Yes
Default Number Of Days For A Trade Proposal To Be Valid For:7
Taxi Squad Setup
Players allowed on Taxi Squad:None
Additional League Rules Setup